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Tips for controlling your nerves

Nerves can make you forget to do things as simple as listening. This can result in you being thought of as unfriendly or uninterested. Some ideas for combating nerves include:

  • being aware of the structure of the interview, and remembering that they often begin with easier questions;
  • exercising before your interview, as this burns off negative energy and gets your endorphins going;
  • pausing before answering a difficult question to give yourself thinking time, or asking for clarification if you’re unsure what the question means;
  • putting everything into perspective and reminding yourself that the worst thing that can happen is you not getting the job, there will always be plenty more opportunities and it all goes towards your own development and experience;
  • taking a toilet break before the interview;
  • taking deep breaths and not speaking too quickly, in nearly all instances you can speak slower than you would think;
  • taking notes with you, writing down cues to highlight examples that you want to draw upon;
  • thinking positively before the interview starts, and visualising yourself in complete control during the interview.

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