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Sending out your CV

You have now reviewed your newly formed CV, are happy with the layout and are 100% sure there are no typos or spelling mistakes. As mentioned before, a great thing to do is get someone else to proof read it for you as when you read a sentence that you’ve written you will always fully understand what the meaning is whereas someone else may question it and in-turn you may find a better way to explain yourself concisely. Now you’re ready to apply but before you rush to apply to multiple roles with just one CV, there are a number of things you need to consider.

Firstly, remember the roles and sectors you are applying for. When applying for trainee or junior broker roles, make sure you try to understand what each role involves at different employers because although they have the same or similar job titles, the roles themselves may well expect very different things from the people that apply. You could for example have a CV that is more illustrative of why you would suit a target driven sales environment and another one that draws more on your administrative skills.

Secondly, applying directly does not set you apart. We have experienced employers asking to un-brand their adverts so that when people apply all CVs are kept in one place on the system rather than having people applying directly and create extra work for the employer. This is an extreme example and of course we would encourage you to do your due diligence on the company and get a feel for who they are and what they are doing but applying via the job advert can be the best way to ensure you are captured within their normal net when they’re fishing for future stars of their company. Another example of this at its worst is applying directly by blind copying all employers into an email. It comes across as lazy and impersonal and although all employers know you haven’t just chosen them for a job, it doesn’t look great to see first-hand that you are blanket sending an email rather than being excited to work for a particular company.

Thirdly, be ready to make a note of who you have applied to and the job role. This doesn’t have to be in-depth but if you get a call from the recruiting managers and you are asking them what the role is that you applied for they are going to assume you are not actually that excited by it.

Lastly, it’s important to have self-worth and that you have a lot to offer these companies but also remember that they are interviewing you, you are not interviewing them. You need to make sure you are selling yourself, not writing a list of demands for your requirements to be happy or what would tick all of the boxes for you as many roles may not be an exact fit and your understanding of certain roles will also improve as you gain more experience.

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