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Essential CV Information

Once the format has been decided upon, it is important to remember that all CVs still have to stick to certain rules: Remember to include the obvious, which is all of your personal details, such as your name, address, mobile number and email address. If any employers like your CV but have another couple of hundred to go through they are unlikely to take the time to email you asking for a phone number when this already highlights a huge oversight on your part. Also ensure your email and your voicemail are professional. If you have had the same email for the last 10 or 15yrs and it sounds like an email made up by a 10yr old, now would be a great time to update it to as close to your name as you can get. A professional sounding voicemail will make potential employers more likely to leave a voicemail and unfortunately for you a silly sounding voicemail will have the opposite effect.

In addition to your personal details, you should also include details of qualifications – academic and on-the-job training – any industry experience and relevant work history. For certain academic fields, writing in complete paragraphs is advisable, but in most cases detailing all of this information in easy-to-read bullet points makes more sense as the employer can scan for relevant information and pick more out. Think of a CV as a short report about a person, rather than a long essay. We need a summary of skills and positive attributes in order to get called up and asked for more in-depth answers.

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