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Be methodical

You’ve been preparing for this your whole life, all those years of education have led to this moment. Don’t chuck away all your notepads and everything you’ve learnt, use these well-honed techniques and sit down with your CV and make notes, just as if you were preparing for an exam. Study your work record and what you have achieved. How do you see yourself? What have you done? What positives can you draw on and give more in depth examples of? What ambitions do you have? Make notes and prepare and rehearse sound bites about yourself. Do this out loud, even if it feels unnatural, it will hugely help when you’ve been asked a question in the interview and are suddenly aware of your voice in a quiet room.

Ensure that you relate specific areas of your CV back to the job description. It will make it clear to the interviewer why they should hire you. One of the most common interview questions is “Tell me about yourself”. Prepare a balanced and concise answer to this question, not a waffling history of your life. Keep it professional sounding and business like ensuring that you don’t stray into personal feelings or family relationships. Avoid anything to do with politics, religion or anything that could cause controversy. Interviewers use this question to learn about your personal qualities, not necessarily your achievements as they should already have those from your CV.

Your biggest tool to prepare yourself is to be able to discuss what is on your CV. You want to come across well and deliver your answers confidently, an easy way of doing this is when a recruiter asks you something that is on your CV, rather than repeating the bullet point on there, you can use it as a heading to illustrate what you have learned and how this has given you the experience to move forward. If you can relate this to the junior broker role you have applied for you will have sold yourself in a very positive way to the interviewer.

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