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My first week as a Junior Broker

My first week as a junior broker has been amazing. I’ve shadowed different brokers at different times throughout the day and sat on different desks to get a fuller understanding of the roles within the company, alongside a better understanding of the products that the company offers. I’m glad I’m starting as a junior broker over going into compliance or other graduate roles that are more customer service and admin based. The brokers seem to have the most fun and are way more talkative than the other desks. 


Don’t get me wrong, although I’m constantly reminded I’m a junior broker, a newbie, bottom of the food chain and pecking order, they’ve gone pretty easy on me this week. I’m under no illusions however that the fun and chat is only happening alongside doing their actual job, if anyone is not working and in-turn side-tracked into conversations or getting too rowdy they get pulled up on it straight away. 


It’s a close knit team but its competitive and they’ve drilled it into me that you have to perform and there is an expectation that a lot of junior brokers won’t make it past probation. I’ve got my script that I’ve been nailing down and been doing role plays throughout this week with the other junior broker I’ve been paired up with as well as with the senior guys on my desk when they want an excuse to have a break from calling or possibly want to let off some steam and put me through my paces. 


Tonight we’re out for beers and a pat on the back, I assume. The team have all chucked in some cash and there’s £100 at stake for the first junior broker who can down 3 pints. I’ve got a guy who not only openly states he can win at downing pints but has also had a few months as a junior broker before starting here so I’m assuming his confidence comes from having done this before. £100 however is a lot of money to me right now after moving to London so I’m not sure how I’m going to do it or where I’m going to put it but I’m hoping I can take that money as it’ll cover my spending for the next week. 


Induction week down, next week actually working as a junior broker and make or break by the sounds of it.



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